Drum Synth

An analogue drum machine in LNX_Studio


This is Drum Synth, an analogue style drum machine & sequencer. It has five modules: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Clap, Tom Tom and Hi Hat. Each one is aimed at synthesising that particular sound and can be found in the bottom half of the screen. In the top half are the sequencers, which have similar controls to those in GS Rhythm. Each sequencer has its own tab and plays its corresponding module. In between the sequencer & the modules you find the control strip.

Control Strip

The control strip goes across the middle and manages the general controls of the instrument.

In addition there a few controls on the bottom right hand of the screen.

The Drum Modules

The 5 drum modules are in the bottom half of the screen and each one shares some similar controls. They emcompass the other controls in the module. I'll describe these from the [P] button at the top right and work anti-clockwise to the bottom.

Velocity Ranges

In an effort to make the sequencer a simple but expressive tool to make rhythms with, each of the module's controls has a range. This range is affected by the velocity and can lead to some interesting sequences. To change the range of a control, use alt-click or right mouse button and move the mouse up or down.

For example, here you can see the "Note" control has a range on it so now the velocity affects the Note played.

Module Controls

Bass Drum

The controls for the bass drum are:

Snare Drum

The controls for the snare drum are:


The controls for the clap are:


The controls for the tom drum are:

Hi Hat

The controls for the hat are: