The built in effects of LNX_Studio

The routing of effects is based around 16 stereo FX buses. Each effect has an input bus on the top left and an output bus on the top right. You can change the order of these effects once they are added. The effects are processed in the order found in the mixer, from top to bottom. This means you can have several effects chained in serial on 1 bus and change the order in which they process the audio. Alternately you could also have several effects reading the same bus in parallel.

The numbered On/Off button turns the effect On/Off. When off the effect is bypassed but still sends audio to the output bus.

Note: When any lighter control in an effect (for example "room" in GVerb) is changed, it will cause the effect to temporarily cut out. This is because a new effect has to be created with the new value and the old one deleted.

If you send a MIDI Program change to the effect's in port & channel then it will recall that preset. You can find the MIDI In settings in the Preset Manager menu.


A two-channel reverb based on the "GVerb" LADSPA effect by Juhana Sadeharju (kouhia at


FreeVerb is Blackrain's reverb coded from experiments with Faust.


A time domain granular pitch shifter. Grains have a triangular amplitude envelope and an overlap of 4:1.


An all pass delay line with linear interpolation.


A distortion effect, which cross-fades between 5 different wave-shaping functions.

Ring Mod

A Ring Modulation effect.