External Instrument

An interface for an external MIDI synthesiser.

This is a general purpose interface for external MIDI synthesisers. It sends MIDI out and receives audio back which makes the synthesisers act as if it was an internal instrument local to LNX. There is a piano roll for sequencing, all 128 MIDI cc controls and MIDI clock messages to sync any external sequencers.

  1. On/Off &Solo - turns the instrument On/Off or solos it.
  2. Audio In channel - this sets where the audio for this instrument is coming from. (i.e which audio bus). Inputs always come in stereo pairs but individual channels can be chosen in the channel setup.
  3. Channel setup - can be Left & Right, Left + Right, Left or Right or No Audio depending on your needs.
  4. MIDI - opens a window to select the MIDI in & out channels + ports. See MIDI Devices & Controls.
  5. MIDI Control Editor - opens the MIDI Control editor and allows you to edit the MIDI controls you set up on this instrument. See MIDI Devices & Controls.
  6. Preset Manager - Add, remove or select presets, see Presets & Programs.
  7. Control tab - contains the controls for the synthesiser.
  8. Piano Roll tab- See the Piano Rolls help file.
  9. MIDI cc 0-127 - Each cc control has a corresponding knob. These knobs send MIDI cc data when changed and vice-versa if they receive cc data. This means any cc control can use Automation and store changes in Presets & Programs.
  10. Volume - the volume of the instrument in decibels.
  11. Off behaviour - tell the instrument what to do when its turned off.
    • Audio In - turns the audio off but leaves the piano roll playing.
    • Sequencer - turns the piano roll off but leaves the audio playing.
    • Both - turns both the audio and the piano roll off.

  12. MIDI Clock - turns the MIDI clock on and off. Normally MIDI clocks only work if they have been playing since the start of a song. If you are turning this on you may need to press stop and then play to get them working.
  13. Controls - saves the MIDI cc controls with a preset. When the preset is recalled any changing cc values are sent out.
  14. External Program - the current program for the external instrument.
  15. Program - saves the external program change with the LNX preset. When the LNX preset is recalled it changes in on the external instrument.
  16. Net (below program)- allows anything being played on the keboard to be networked and played on every computer in a colaboration, including MIDI In note events.

You can play the keyboard with either the mouse or the QWERTY keyboard. See Keyboard GUI.