LNX_Studio Quick Start Guide

How to open the demo song and start making some sounds

This is a brief overview of how to load the demo song and play around with the the sounds in it.

Load the Demo Song

To load the demo song click here --> [ Demo Song. ].

At the top of the studio window, now labeled "LNX_Studio - demo song", press [Play]. It looks like this...

Each instrument has its own track in the main mixer tab. You can turn them on/off or change their individual volume.

  1. Volume can be adjusted with the large white slider.
  2. Instrument On/Off - can be changed with the numbered green buttons.

As the songs plays, different musical sections will come and go. This is turned on and off with the [A] Automation button which is towards the bottom right of the Studio window and looks like this...

Each different section of the song is stored in the [Prog] tab near to the [A] Automation button.

In the [Prog] programs tab to can select the different sections using the different program buttons down the left-hand side. Here you can see program 3 is playing.

It's just a demo so explore, press some buttons and have a play.

LNX : )