LNX_Studio - Verion 2.0 released (April 2016)

LNX_Studio is a Digital Audio Work Station created in the SuperCollider language. It has a powerful set of tools for creating music, all of which can be networked. Co-location gigs or real-time collaborations don't have to be in the same room.

In LNX_Studio you will find a library full of Drum Machines for creating beats, Synthesisers for making melodies, Effects for processing sounds and MIDI modules for controlling internal or external equipment.

If you are a new user of LNX_Studio, security settings on OS X 10.7 or later may block it from being launched. To permanently enable LNX_Studio, right-click or control-click on the LNX_Studio application in Finder, choose "Open", then in the dialog box that appears, choose "Open".


Free - General Public License


Mac OS 10.8.5+

(Linux - Alpha release out soon)


Networked collaborative DAW
Powerful Synthesis Engine (Supercollider)
Full MIDI integration
Virtual Analog synthesisers
Drum machines
Step Sequencers
Piano Roll - (Import MIDI files)
Record Audio Out
Presets & Programs
Chord library
Design your own instruments & effects
Control external equipment

Help files:

Open help file here.