LNX_Studio Help

Networked music

LNX_Studio is a Digital Audio Work Station created in the SuperCollider language. It has a powerful set of tools for creating music, all of which can be networked. Co-location gigs or real-time collaborations don't have to be in the same room. These help files will guide you through LNX_Studio's features and how to start making music.

In LNX_Studio you will find a library full of Drum Machines for creating beats, Synthesisers for making melodies, Effects for processing sounds and MIDI modules for controlling internal or external equipment.

Quick Start Guide

LNX_Studio Quick Start Guide
How to open the demo song and make some sounds
Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos on how to use LNX_Studio

Main Features

The main features of the studio
Presets & Programs
How to use Presets & Programs to structure your projects
How to use Automation to order Programs and automate controls
Keyboard GUI
How to use the GUI keyboard
Piano Rolls
How to use the Piano Rolls
MIDI Devices & Controls
How to use MIDI controllers
Samples & The Web Browser
How to browse, load & use samples
Preferences & Miscellaneous
Misc features (inc. preferences)
How to connect the studio over the internet or a LAN

Intruments & Effects

GS Rhythm
a granular based drum machine
Bum Note 2
a polyphonic subractive synthesiser with built-in sequencers
Drum Synth
an analogue drum machine
SC Code
a programmable instrument
SC Code FX
a programmable effect
the built in effects
Audio In
an external audio input.
External Instrument
an interface for an external MIDI synthesiser.
External FX
a send and return for external effects.
Step Sequencer
a 32x8 step sequencer.
Keyboard & Controls
a virtual MIDI controller keyboard.
Melody Maker
a tool box for creating melodies and chords.

A programming guide

How to program LNX_Studio
A programming guide to creating instrument & effects in SCCode & SCCodeFX

External keyboards

Moog Sub 37
an interface for the Moog Sub 37 synthesiser.
Roland JP-08
an interface for the Roland JP-08 synthesiser.
Korg Volca Bass
an interface for the Korg Volca Bass synthesiser.
Korg Volca Beats
an interface for the Korg Volca Beat drum machine.
Korg Volca Keys
an interface for the Korg Volca Keys synthesiser.


LNX_Studio & SuperCollider is free software published under the GPL: Licensing.

LNX_Studio & SuperCollider help docs are published under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3 license: HelpDocsLicensing.